About Me

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to explore the services I offer.

I’m Ann Marie Roepke (she/her), a psychologist based in Seattle, WA. I entered this field because I’m fascinated by the topic of change: what motivates us to change, what prevents us from changing, how we can transform difficult experiences into catalysts for growth, and how we can foster positive change in organizations and systems.

I began my career working in non-profit social services, supporting individuals who were leaving prison without housing and with histories of trauma, mental health challenges, and substance use concerns. My experiences inspired me to become a psychologist, and specifically, to work at the intersection of clinical psychology (which is largely about what goes wrong with humans and how to fix it) and positive psychology (which is largely about what goes right with us and how to foster positive experiences). I earned my doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania where I was fortunate to have the mentorship of Dr. Martin Seligman. I then completed postdoctoral training and worked at the Veterans Health Administration in Seattle, WA, before launching my training/consulting business and a private clinical practice.

Most of my research focuses on posttraumatic growth, i.e., positive psychological changes that can emerge from the struggle with adversity or trauma. I’ve also studied how personal growth can emerge from our best (vs. worst) experiences; how future-thinking shapes our well-being and mental health; how people adapt to acquired physical disability; how we can use new technology such as smartphones to deliver effective mental health support; and what factors help vs. hinder healthcare providers when adopting new practices to serve their clients/patients.

These days, I continue to collaborate on research (which is deeply engaging) and to provide psychotherapy to clients (which is truly an honor) – but most of my time is devoted to supporting ‘helping professionals’ through training, consulting, and coaching. I love what I do, and am dedicated to continual learning and improvement… which means I am active in organizations like the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), APA’s Society for Consulting Psychology, and a trainers’ workgroup on addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues in trainings. I would be delighted to connect with you to learn about whether I may be of service to your organization and its mission.