Resilience during COVID-19

Consulting Package | Special Pay-what-you-can Pricing

These are strange and frightening times. The global outbreak of coronavirus has impacted daily life in profound ways, for both individuals and organizations. More than ever, we need the skills and the relationships that help us to be resilient. Resilience is about making it through hard times with the least suffering and the greatest well-being possible.

I am a psychologist, trainer, and consultant based in Seattle, WA. My clinical practice focuses on helping people overcome anxiety and stress. My training and consulting focuses on helping teams and organizations become more resilient and effective. I’ve reflected on the ways in which I’m uniquely prepared to help organizations support their employees during these difficult times, and I want to do my part! I’m offering a package of consulting services aimed at boosting the resilience of employees, leaders, and teams during the time of coronavirus. These services are offered on a pay-what-you-can basis in order to increase access to support.

Your consulting package will be tailored to the unique needs and goals of your team or organization, but will be based on this 3-part structure:

  1. Strategy sessions: I’ll meet with the team’s/organization’s leaders as well as with groups of employees to assess your needs and formulate an approach.
  1. Preparation and materials: After we’ve decided on our approach, I’ll work with leaders and key staff to detail and prepare our plans and to create any supporting materials you’ll need (e.g., toolkits, webinars, emails to your team, meeting agendas…).
  1. Implementation support: I’ll help you put our plans into action. My role will differ depending on the plans we create together, but may include delivering webinars on science-based tools for resilience and stress management; consulting with leaders about how to communicate with their teams during this time; training staff on strategies to stay motivated and focused during this disruption; creating a toolkit of resilience resources; coaching a team that will focus on flexibly adapting organizational procedures to the changing circumstances; and more.

Results: We’ll focus on what matters most to you, which may include clarity for leadership, team cohesion, employees feeling supported by their leader and organization, and employees being empowered with tools to manage stress.

Pricing: These services are offered on a “pay what you can” basis within a suggested range. I have pro bono spots available for non-profit organizations working to support people during this crisis. If you are interested, and your organization doesn’t have the funds, reach out and let’s find a way to work together. If your organization has the funding, please consider subsidizing this work by paying full price.

Consultant bio: Ann Marie Roepke, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, trainer, and consultant based in Seattle, WA. Her areas of expertise include resilience, well-being, stress management, motivation, and the impact of trauma – including negative effects such as posttraumatic stress as well as positive effects such as posttraumatic growth. In each of her roles, Dr. Roepke helps people not only survive, but thrive, in challenging circumstances.

Dr. Roepke earned her doctorate in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center under the mentorship of Martin Seligman, a founder of the field of positive psychology, and Angela Duckworth, a leading expert in grit. She completed her postdoctoral training at the Veterans Administration Puget Sound Health Care System and has been trained in team coaching methods by the Dartmouth Institute Microsystems Academy and Mathew Roosa’s Quiet Coaching program.

Dr. Roepke has developed and scientifically tested programs that use positive psychology to help people overcome adversity and build meaningful lives. She now provides training and consultation about positive psychology, well-being, resilience, stress, motivational interviewing, posttraumatic growth, psychological safety, and organizational change to diverse audiences, with a focus on the “helping professions.”  She is passionate about using interactive learning approaches to empower professionals to be at their best in serving others while improving their own well-being.


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